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HTC Board

The HTC Board is a three-person committee composed of seniors that oversee HTC’s operations, plan events, and maintain communication throughout the company.

Board Manager — Aron Shaw

The Board Manager is responsible for leading meetings and communication for all things HTC. This includes sending company-wide emails, navigating conversations with HTC sponsors or Harriton administration, and communicating with department heads.

Treasurer — Addy Morgenstern

The Treasurer is responsible for managing budget and prices for HTC. The Treasurer communicates with the booster club and Harriton administration about money and oversees fundraising events for HTC. The Treasurer also keeps track of all spending in each department to ensure that no department goes over budget for each production.

Events Coordinator — Anna Fleur

The Events Coordinator is responsible for the planning, organization, and execution of all HTC events including the Welcome Meeting, Get to Know You Dinner, tech week events, collaborative events with other Harriton clubs or neighboring theater companies, and any other events that may arise. The Events Coordinator establishes and works with a senior committee that aids in the planning of all events. The Events Coordinator also oversees all HTC traditions.