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About HTC

The Harriton Theater Company, or HTC, is an extracurricular activity at Harriton High School involving more than 100 students from grades 9 to 12 in all aspects of theater. Our club is known for its tight-knit community, quirky traditions, late-night adventures to Llanerch and Minella’s Diners, and more. HTC is a training ground for young performers and all who support them behind the scenes at Harriton. We pride ourselves in engaging the community through our love for theater.

Students have the opportunity to participate in multiple facets of the productions each year. In addition to, or instead of, performing onstage, members can join one or more of our fabulous student-led departments: Student Directing, Stage Management, Stage Crew, Costumes, Sound, Lights, Props, Publicity, Hair and Makeup, Pit Orchestra, Choreography, and Cappies. No previous experience is necessary and new members are always welcome!

We are a student-led company with an Executive Board that manages HTC’s operations, events, and communications. Between the Board and the department head positions, students are provided with many opportunities to gain leadership experience throughout the company.

What sets our club apart is the fact that we are more like a second home than simply an extracurricular activity. Students from every social group, background, grade, and interest come together to produce three tremendous shows a year. This company will continue to change people’s perspectives and produce friendships that will last for years to come.

HTC’s Mission

Our mission is to harness our passion for the arts to create an exceptional experience of theater for our audience and our members.


Our management team is led entirely by students with help from coaches and faculty and sponsors and supporters including the friends of the Harriton Theater Company.

Each department is led by our students and has its own duties to make sure the show runs smoothly.

The HTC Board is a six-person committee composed of juniors and seniors that oversee HTC’s operations, plan events, and maintain communication throughout the company.