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The 2024 Winter One Act Festival

    January 18th-20th


    The 2024 One Act Festival is comprised of 8 student-directed short plays, 3 of which are also student-written! A longtime HTC tradition, the One Acts give seniors an opportunity to experience directing and putting together their own shows, and allow actors to explore their talents in non-conventional roles. The 2024 Winter One Acts will be performed January 18th-20th in the Harriton Black Box.

    The 2024 One Acts and Casts

    Art Talk, written by Terry Roeche and directed by Addison Morgenstern
    While observing a series of modern art, Judith and Stevens have a (sexually charged) discussion about their undeniably impressive art knowledge. Smith eventually interrupts them and points out that the painting is just red. But don’t worry, he likes it better than the blue and green ones anyway!

    JUDITH – Juliet Woolard
    STEVENS – Harrison Cobitz
    SMITH – Maddie Zinck

    Some Assembly Required, written by Ruben Carbajal and directed by Pearl McShane
    While attempting to assemble a dresser from a certain Swedish furniture company, a couple inadvertently activates a plot to end the world!

    MIA – Sofia Siano
    ANTHONY – Aspen Herz
    SVEA – Sara Yushkevich
    IKEA KILLBOT – Jack McCullough

    All About Biffo, written by Stephen Bittrich and directed by McKenzie Anninos and Nellie Shorts
    All About Biffo is a little like the movie All About Eve. A young radical clown challenges the spotlight of a veteran clown.

    BIFFO – Owen Pierson
    SID – Seán May

    Anareta, written & directed by Matthew Dyksen
    Sometime after a terrible accident, a person sits digging a phrase into the dirt of a forest clearing, insisting that this will take away their pain. Two visitors try to dissuade them from finishing their phrase as various strange and unexplainable events begin to occur, paramount among them a bright light above the Writer’s head.

    WRITER – Cami Huntington
    VISITOR – Lucas Nelson
    FIGHTER #1 – Tenzin Joh
    FIGHTER #2 – Wren Kovalchuk

    Clevinger’s Tale, written by Joseph Heller, adapted by Stuart Eugene Thiel, and directed by Jeremy Green
    Cadet Clevinger faces a nonsensical, kafkaesque court martial. No one’s quite sure what exactly is the charge, who is asking the questions or who said what.

    THE COLONEL – Marya Tremblay
    MAJOR METCALF – Maja Mozdzer
    LT. SCHEISSKOPF – Elizabeth Berberian
    CLEVINGER – Sara Yushkevich
    CPR. POPINJAY – Lily Baker

    A Crane of Salt, written & directed by Bobby Siano
    Cynthia believes things said on the internet too easily. Lilly teaches Cynthia how to tell what’s real and what isn’t. Cynthia finally learns the facts except Cynthia still believes in the theory that birds are taking over the world. Lilly gets upset and makes an effort to show Cynthia the facts. They both spend their day around town and it quickly becomes apparent that the theory about the birds is true. Lilly starts to go crazy because she can’t possibly believe this is happening and Cynthia flips the situation around on Lilly saying that she needs to see the facts around them to form opinions. Wacky hijinks ensue as humans (many of which are actually birds) make copious amounts of bird puns in their dialogue.

    CYNTHIA – Maddie Zinck
    LILLY – Rosa DeMonte
    FLUH MEINKHO – Henry Yearly
    WOO D’PECKER – Marco Mamberto Macuare
    SERVANT 1 – Clark Heaton
    SERVANT 2 – John Everman

    Last Summer, written & directed by Jo Crawford
    Macy has spent her summers alone for as long as she can remember. Cooped up in a small cabin with only her grandmother for company, there’s something not quite right about her…When a new boy, Dill, arrives in town, Macy’s entire world changes to make him its focal point. But what will happen when her new lifeline finds friends in the people who shun her? And how will Macy react to one more social rejection?

    MACY – Sadie Bohrer
    DIL – Harrison Cobitz
    BENNY – Casey Everson

    Family 2.0, written by Walter Wykes and directed by Aron Shaw
    Family 2.0 tells the story of a man who invades a stranger’s home and attempts to convince the family he finds there to accept him as their new husband/father.

    HUSBAND – Juliet Woolard
    WIFE – Jack McCullough
    DAUGHTER – Ava Romano
    DAUGHTER 2 – Ishani Koka
    FIRST HUSBAND/DOG – Will Epstein