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The 2023 Winter One-Act Festival

    The 2023 One-Act Festival is comprised of 6 student-directed short plays, 3 of which are also student-written! A longtime HTC tradition, the One-Acts give seniors an opportunity to experience directing and putting together their own shows, as well as giving actors a place to explore their talents in non-conventional roles. The 2023 Winter One-Acts will be performed January 19th-21st in the Harriton Black Box.

    The 2023 One-Acts and Casts

    They Read Theory, written and directed by Sam Bailey and Marlena Marg Bracken: Red, thoughtful and anxious, stands outside a convenience store as her best friend attempts to shop-lift. Through a conversation with a new friend, Liam, and an increasingly wild parade of burglars—a Capitalist caricature, an approximation of Karl Marx, and a cartoonish robber—Red discovers her own perspective on the ethics of stealing.

    RED – Sofia Siano
    LIAM – Jack McCullough
    JOJO – Lillian Klatte
    MONOPOLY MAN – Juliet Woolard
    COMMUNIST CARL – Casey Everson
    BURGLAR/THEODORE – Elizabeth Deneen
    POLICE OFFICER – Ariana Pavri

    Matterhorn, written by Rich Orloff and directed by Maya Pasternack and Cameron Parker: Stuck in a never-ending line at Disneyland, a husband (JERRY) and wife (ARLEEN) are just on the verge of killing each other – until they devise a novel solution to their marital woes…

    JERRY – Dashiel Albright
    ARLEEN – Tess Woolard

    Giant Slayer, written by Izzy Levit and directed by Ava Marcus and Izzy Levit: Dear Sally… Did you get my letter? The postal service here is kinda… slow. And by here I mean camp. Obviously.

    GOOSE – Cami Huntington
    MAILMAN – Tenzin Joh
    PLAYER 1 – Hayden Picker
    PLAYER 2 – McKenzie Anninos
    PLAYER 3 – Grace Deneen

    Swamped, written and directed by Charlie Bowser: What should someone do when they’re fed up with everyone in town thinking their family is crazy? If your answer wasn’t “Accidentally wish an alternate town full of swamp creatures into existence”, you clearly know nothing about oracles. Or Wishing Ducks. Or vaguely southern swamp-adjacent fishing towns.

    INGRID – Pearl McShane
    EVANGELINE – Lucy San Chirico
    JOSEPH – Bobby Siano
    GIL – Henry Yearley
    AL – Delaney Free
    CLANCY – Rosa DeMonte
    EDMOND – Fionnuala McCann

    The Art of the Duel, written by Jack J. Berry and directed by Ashton Norwood: Two politicians decide to settle a disagreement with a duel–not that either of them know how a duel works.

    ALEX – Elijah Warriner
    AARON – Lucas Nelson
    DAWN – Carly Marcus

    Beer Girl, written by Walter Wykes and directed by Alice Deutsch: A sad alcoholic (BOB), having left his girlfriend/wife (FLO) for a handmade, life-sized replica of his perfect woman shoddily pieced together out of beer cans (BEER GIRL), receives a confrontation from FLO in his motel getaway full of comedic antics. 

    BOB – Pietro Romussi
    FLO – Ally Fenton
    BEER GIRL – Madison Nguyen
    CLARINET – Jeremy Green