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The 2020 Winter One-Act Festival


    Harriton Theater Company’s Winter One-Acts are student directed short shows ranging from comedies to drama. A longtime HTC tradition, the One-Acts give seniors opportunities to direct, as well as actors a place to explore their talents in non-conventional roles.

    The 2020 One-Acts and Casts

    Bait and Tackle, written and directed by Henry McCullough, Riley Wexler, and Emily Wright: When Gwendolyn Jane Louise begrudgingly agrees to work at Whistlin’ Joe’s Bait and Tackle, she accepts that her summer will be filled with monotonous work. However, she soon finds out that small towns hold the biggest secrets. Big, swampy secrets.

    Gwendolyn – Gwen Rix
    Whistlin’ Joe – Dashiel Albright
    Hackin’ Earl – Paige Mullen
    The Oracle – Tess McCullough
    Clarence – Charlie Bowser
    Edward Wormington III – Patrick McCann
    Wilhelmina – Angelina DeMonte
    Mailman Myrla – Marlena Marg Bracken
    Swamp Thief – Julia Youakim

    Confession, written by Bobby Keniston and directed by Noah Shelanski: Model student Connor K wakes up one morning to find himself in his high school’s conference room, being interrogated by the principal. How he got there, Connor doesn’t know, but the principal is insistent that the only way out of the room is for Connor to confess to a crime that he couldn’t have committed — in fact, he doesn’t even know what he is being accused of!

    Connor K – John Bradbeer
    Ms Delisle – Liv Twomey
    Mr Demeteri – Sophie Baskin
    Mr K – Dashiel Albright
    Mrs K – Freya Norwood
    Abigail – Dinah Day-Booth
    Thomas – Alycia Kaufman-Wright
    Lucy – Lucy San Chirico

    Dinner with the MacGuffins, written by Chris Sheppard and Jeff Grove and directed by Julia Green: At first glance, James MacGuffin’s life seems 110% normal: he has a girlfriend, delightfully annoying parents, and a crazy old grandpa who barely knows his left from his right. Yet in a wall-shattering turn of events, James comes to realize that his reality is about as far from ordinary as you can get. Relationships are altered, secrets are revealed, and the viewers learn a thing or two about audience etiquette.

    James – Cameron Parker-Horshaw
    Karen – Bridget Armon
    Helen – Sophia Fox
    Dwight – Gabriel Klaumenzer
    Grandpa – Sammy Biglin
    Plant – Ofek Eisenbach
    Agent Smith – Marlena Marg Bracken
    Agent Wesson – Lorraine Ruppert

    The Eye of the Beholder, directed and adapted for the stage by Iqra Ataf, CJ Bowser, and Maren McDonnell: Janet Tyler has undergone her eleventh treatment (the maximum number legally allowed) in an attempt to look normal. Unable to bear the bandages any longer, Tyler pleads with the doctor and eventually convinces him to remove them early, leading to a face reveal you will never forget…

    Janet – Audrey Sigler
    Main Nurse – Alycia Kaufman-Wright
    Nurse 2 – Lucy San Chirico
    Nurse 3 – Lucie Edmonds
    Doctor – James Twomey
    Leader – Sammy Biglin
    Serling – Alice Deutsch
    Smith – John Bradbeer

    I Think He Killed His Wife…, written and directed by Maxwell Leis: When a wife-killer (Charles) strikes again, a sheriff and their team of deputies must hunt down the perpetrator.

    Sheriff – Sam Bailey
    Deputy Clark – Alice Deutsch
    Deputy Mark – Charlie Bowser
    Charles/Murderer – Maddie Lefkowitz
    Concierge – Katie Neary
    Valet/Count/Dead Wife – Julie Wright

    Variations on the Death of Trotsky, written by David Ives and directed by Kristiana Filipov: “On August 21st, 1940, a Spanish Communist named Ramon Mercader smashed a mountain-climber’s axe into Trotsky’s skull in Coyoacan, a suburb of Mexico City. Trotsky died the next day.” This play is an often humorous, occasionally philosophical account of what happened in the hours between the smashing and Trotsky’s death. 

    Trotsky – Patrick McCann
    Mrs Trotsky – Kari Stein
    Ramón – Sophie Baskin

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