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The 2022 One-Act Festival


    The 2022 One-Act Festival is comprised of 8 student-directed plays, 3 of which are also student-written. With over 30 students involved in blocking and rehearsing these shows, as well as students designing other aspects of the show, all of HTC is excited to present the first One-Act Festival since 2020!

    The 2022 One-Acts and Casts

    Overtones, written by Alice Gerstenberg and directed by Freya Norwood: A (spiteful) conversation between two (jealous) poised society women is complicated by the nagging voices of their inner selves (who expose them for what they really want to say!).

    Harriet – Liv Twomey
    Hetty – Callan O’Sullivan
    Margaret – Ava Marcus
    Maggie – Sharon Spodak

    Firebirds, written by Liz Flahive and directed by Bridget Armon: Two best friends who have planned their entire lives together struggle to maintain their friendship when one of them gets rejected from their dream school.

    Jennifer – Ally Fenton
    Jessica – Anna Fleur
    Adam – Cameron Parker-Horshaw

    Memento Tui Infelices Mortis, written and directed by Gage Klaumenzer: As a group of teenagers are hunted by a masked killer, they find shelter in a cabin in the woods. The teens begin to rely on their survival instincts, and perhaps this group of friends may not be as friendly as they seem.

    Leon – Hayden Picker
    Bella – Ava Marcus
    Ashley – Maya Pastermack
    Clover – Anna Fleur
    Emily – Ava Susser-Stein
    Matt – Aron Shaw

    Circus Freaks, written and directed by Nel Blinman: A snapshot of the life of Clown, a nonbinary teenager, as it faces adversity, conflict, and the raw realities of queer teenhood. Not all clowns are happy.

    Clown – Izzy Levit
    Mime – Bee Edmonds
    The Puppeteer/Psychic – Nel Blinman
    The Ringmaster/Contortionist – Lucy San Chirico

    Harmony Lake, written by Timothy M. Gadomski and directed by Anjali Rooney: An annual friendly fun family camping trip in Northern Pennsylvania takes a turn for the worst as a storm begins to brew on the lake. 

    Nathaniel – Sam Bailey
    Brittany – Nidhi Cheeyandira
    Claire – Alice Deutsch
    Paul – Charlie Bowser
    Janice – Bee Edmonds
    Vincent – Jack McCullough

    Bird, written and directed by Angelina DeMonte: A wish on a well comes true but nothing is as it seems! After making a whimsical though convoluted wish, Lonan and his friends must figure out a way to undo it before all of New Jersey is underwater!

    Lonan – Cameron Parker-Horshaw
    Cal – Jack McCullough
    Ellis – Tommy McShane
    Leva – Sofia Siano
    Narrator – Pearl McShane

    My Body, written by Rachel Bublitz and directed by Liv Twomey and Hannah Kraus: In a world in which men aren’t trusted to make decisions concerning their own bodies, women hold all of the cards. 

    Laura – Lucy San Chirico
    Patrick – Sam Bailey

    i believe in a republic in which money has a great deal to say., written by Julia Specht and directed by Aiden Kaliner: We’re planning a ball in Newport! We’re serving tiger! Diphtheria is for poor people!!!!!

    Alva Vanderbilt – Marlena Marg Bracken
    Theresa Oelrichs – Alice Deutsch
    Mamie Stuyvesant Fish – Samantha Simon
    Bess – Maya Pasternack

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