The Winter One Acts 2018

The Harriton Theater Company’s Winter One Acts are student directed short shows ranging from comedies to drama. A long time HTC tradition, the one-acts give seniors opportunities to direct, as well as actors a place to explore their talents in non-conventional roles.

The Atco Diner Written and Directed by Emma Johnson,

– the quirky story of young love in a small diner, in the middle of nowhere

Mirror, Mirror  directed by Analyn Sil and Anna Fleming

– A modern spin-off of Snow White, including a sarcastic narrator, a ditzy princess, a rich prince, a sassy mirror, and an evil stepmother who learns a thing or two about outer beauty.

Fourteen directed by Emily Sinrod and Kate Seltzer,

 – Alice Gerstenberg’s 1920’s one-act social satire tells the story of a dinner party that must be salvaged when numerous guests cancel.

Behind The Mask directed by Hannah Goldman with Musical director Keren Katz, 

– A story about what you don’t see when you look at someone

Drivers Test directed by Zoey Greenberg, 

-A clever comedy by Don Zolidis illustrating what happens when the person giving your driver’s test is completely insane.

Sorry, Wrong Number directed by Rachel Bershad and Harleigh Myerovich

-While on the telephone, an invalid woman overhears what she thinks is a murder plot and attempts to prevent it.