Harriton Theater Shows


2019-2020 Shows

Peter And The Starcatcher

As the prequel to Peter Pan, Peter And The Starcatcher is an immersive, intimate experience that tells a magical tale with mermaids, pirates, and starstuff


The Winter One-Acts

The Winter One-Acts are a collection of student-directed plays, that this year, feature six spectacular shows that offer some crazy plots and silly scenarios.


9 to 5

This classic musical shows that the strong bond of friendship can challenge an evil workplace boss.



2018-2019 Shows

Sherlock Holmes

HTC’s Sherlock Holmes tells the story of a one of a kind detective and his many clients, cases, and stories. Be prepared for a night of finding clues and unraveling mysteries.


The Winter One Acts

A series of student-directed plays.


Young Frankenstein


A frightening creature created from old body parts comes to life during an experiment…What could possibly go wrong?


2017-2018 Shows

Comedy of Errors

Comedy of Errors is an early Shakespearean play about 2 pairs of twins – and the mayhem that occurs when these sets collide. These mishaps are sure to leave the whole audience laughing!

The Winter One Acts 

The Harriton Theater Company’s Winter One Acts are student directed short shows ranging from comedies to drama.

The Atco Diner Written and Directed by Emma Johnson,

– the quirky story of young love in a small diner, in the middle of nowhere

Mirror, Mirror  directed by Analyn Sil and Anna Fleming

– A modern spin-off of Snow White, including a sarcastic narrator, a ditzy princess, a rich prince, a sassy mirror, and an evil stepmother who learns a thing or two about outer beauty.

Fourteen directed by Emily Sinrod and Kate Seltzer,

 – Alice Gerstenberg’s 1920’s one-act social satire tells the story of a dinner party that must be salvaged when numerous guests cancel.

Behind The Mask directed by Hannah Goldman with Musical director Keren Katz, 

– A story about what you don’t see when you look at someone

Drivers Test directed by Zoey Greenberg, 

-A clever comedy by Don Zolidis illustrating what happens when the person giving your driver’s test is completely insane.

Sorry, Wrong Number directed by Rachel Bershad and Harleigh Myerovich

-While on the telephone, an invalid woman overhears what she thinks is a murder plot and attempts to prevent it.


Gypsy, a classic 1959 American musical, focuses on the memoirs of a striptease artist, Gypsy Rose Lee, and her mother, who is often seen as the ultimate “backstage mother.

2016-2017 Fall and Spring Shows


In the course of the day art lovers, skeptics, foreigners, students, lost souls, fellow artists, and of course, museum guards walk through the show.

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

This story of women and the men who pursue them is a touching adaptation on the verge of all-out musical hilarity.

2015-2016 Fall and Spring Shows


This examination of people from all walks of life proves that it’s more than just a job for the average working American.

How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying

Power, sex, ambition, greed…. It’s just another day at the office in this classic satire of big business.